Friday, February 19, 2016

Valentine's Day To Me

It's me again.
Actually I was about to publish this on Valentine's Day right after I published the first post.
However, my laptop battery was low and I was too lazy to look for its charger. Of course, I forgot to publish this when I woke up.
Here is what I wrote on Valentine's Day.

"I cannot sleep. Somehow the idea of posting this really haunts me.
It is Valentine's Day and I've been thinking, why do people feel so annoyed for being single on Valentine's Day? Well, I am taken but this question keeps haunting me every year. Why do they always think that this day is refered to couples? People are misunderstanding. Valentine's Day is simply a reminder for us to love our fellows. No matter if they are white, tall, thin, smart, pretty, or even if they are in the other way. It's the day when we are reminded to share love."

Well, that is what Valentine's Day to me. So, what does it mean to you?

Rhena Palmarist

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