Saturday, February 20, 2016

You Met Them For a Reason

Hi, it's Rhena again!
I'm not feeling well this week. I hoope you're feeling well. It sucks being sick.

Yay, I almost finish my brunch. I've been eating this thing for a week now. Told you, it sucks for
being sick. So don't be.

And even if you're sick, try not to look sick. Like you've heard, smile even when you're sad. Be professional.

I mean, I am sick but I try to look fresh as long as I can. I am not able to wash my hair because that might bring me a fever, but then I went to salon only to wash and blow my hair so that it looks fab. I am not able to get out of my bed, but then I asked my mom to bring me my laptop, then I grabbed my drawing book, stationery and also my small table. Tadaa! I can work on my bed.

Kay, it was just me trying to tell you my condition.

Let me start the main topic for today. So here's a thing. I think it is not rare for us to regret for meeting someone, or for knowing someone. Maybe because they make us in a bad situation, or they do nothing but hate, humiliate, and harm us. We all have been in a point where we might think, "Why on earth did I meet this person? Why should I? There are so many good people out there but why did I meet the bad ones?"

Hey, just remember that we are all sent by God. And we meet those people out there, even when you meet beggars on the sidewalk, you meet them for a reason. You are reading this for a reason. And somehow I got an idea of writing this. It is all planned by God, it is regulated by God.

You might ask how I got the idea of writing this. Well, I'll let you wait for my next post. Because I am writing what makes me wrote this for the next post. Jeez, apologize my words. Sometimes it sounds complicated. Hope that you understand what I'm saying.

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Stay tune! Sending much love from here!

Rhena Palmarist

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